Upcoming Shows

April 16th, 2019, The Post, East Nashville, 7PM

March 19th, 2019, The 5 Spot, Nashville, 7PM

February 2nd, 2019 — Radio Cafe, Nashville w/Phil Solem (from The Rembrandts) and Falcon Ranchero, 7PM

December 27th, 2018 — The 5 Spot, Nashville, 8:30 PM

November 29th, 2018, Radio Cafe, Nashville, 7PM

November 8th, 2018, Fond Object, Nashville, 8PM

October 13th, 2018, The 5 Spot, 7PM

August 13th, 2018, Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge, Nashville 9PM

August 4th, 2018, The 5 Spot, Nashville, 6PM

July 13th, 2018, Radio Cafe, Nashville w/ Wes L’Anglois & Falcon Ranchero 7PM

June 23rd, 2018, The Blackberry Jam, Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, 2:45PM

May 15th, 2018, Radio Cafe, Nashville w/ Lynn Taylor & The Barflies and Strolling Omens, 7PM